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Why There Is Ice on Your AC?

Why There Is Ice on Your AC

Why There Is Ice on Your ACYour air conditioner works by condensing vapors that are then drained outside of your home. This causes water to drip outside, especially when it’s humid. While this is normal, water dripping from your AC system on the inside is not something that usually happens. In fact, you may start to hear what sounds like chunks of ice dropping, somewhat similar to what you hear when your refrigerator is defrosting. Unfortunately, this is a sound that you never want to hear because it can seriously damage your air conditioner. There are many reasons why ice forms in or on your air conditioner though.

What Causes Ice on Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes ice forms on your air conditioner to let you know that your system needs refrigerant. Usually, an air conditioner only needs this when it’s leaking. So, it’s important to have the leak sealed before adding new refrigerant. If you forgo this important step and simply add more refrigerant to the system, you won’t solve the problem.

Ice also forms on air conditioners when there’s a dirty evaporator coil. You’ll need to turn the system off until you’re able to clean or replace the coil because otherwise you’ll damage your compressor, as well as other parts of the system. If there’s severe damage, you’ll need to replace the entire system. Don’t let the fact that the unit still works fool you as it will simply cause you to have a high electricity bill with very little cool air.

You could check the filter and whether the outside unit is running while the inside unit is not. This indicates a problem with the motor, which happens when coils get dirty or clogged and need a good cleaning. It could also mean that the contactor needs replaced or there’s a short in the wiring. A professional will need to use special gauges to see if your freon charge is low.

Some of the many other reasons why ice forms on your air conditioner include:

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  • A blocked drainage system
  • Broken or damaged valves
  • Clogs in the system
  • Closed vents or registers
  • Dirty filters
  • Poor airflow
  • Problems with the fan or fan motor
  • Running your AC when the temperature outside is less than 65 degrees
  • Thermostat problems


What to Do When There’s Ice on Your Air Conditioner

When you notice that there’s ice on your air conditioner, make sure you turn it off right away and call a professional. Never continue using the air conditioner in these circumstances as doing so will only make your problem worse. You could damage it to the point that the entire unit is in need of replacement.

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